With a decade of experience, HINT Tech Solutions has developed a strong recertification and deployment process that has given our customers and business partners peace of mind of that every piece of hardware they order from us will be put through a system that meets and exceeds industry standards.



1 - Receive and Clean

When computers arrive at our warehouse they are entered into out inventory system. Each machine is then sanitized and thoroughly cleaned using a wide array of cleaning solutions and tools.

2 - Visual Inspection

Our trained technicians methodically inspect computers to spot any sort of physical damage, loose wires, etc.

3 - Power On and Component Test

Computers are powered on and put through automated diagnostic tools to verify that all individual components are working as per standards.

4 - Repair or Replace components

Our trained technicians replace, and/or repair any damaged or failed internal/external components.

5 - 2nd Component Test

The computers are once again powered on and tested to verify all repairs/replacements were successful and that all components are functioning optimally.

6 - Storage

The computers are then boxed and safely stored in our warehouse awaiting sales.

7 - Sales Order

When a sales order arrives, the order is carefully picked, and the computers are put through steps 2-5 to ensure only the highest quality of machines pass through to our clients.

8 - Build to Spec

Our technicians build each computer to a standardized specification, as required by our business partners and clients.

9 - Software and Drivers

Each Hard Drive goes through a state of the art Imaging Process to ensure that the Hard Drive is completely clean and in good health before Software is imaged. We then ensure all drivers are brought up to date and tested.

10 - Final Inspection

Our technicians do a final inspection to make sure everything is order, this includes a quick diagnostic.

11 - Prepare for Shipping

Our shipping team cleans each unit using an anti-bacterial cleaner, and carefully packages the laptop for shipping. We then chose the best shipping method, depending on our customer’s requirements.

12 - Post Sale Services

Our team remains committed to provide our business partners and clients top notch services to ensure that they are completely satisfied.

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